GLx IP-PBX SwitchBoard

The GLx Mobile Technologies Studio is the platform that manages your IVR solutions, from creating powerful IVR applications using the GLx Mobile Technologies IDE (integrated development environment) to managing actual call flows. In addition, the GLx Mobile Technologies Studio manages your telephone services, GLx Mobile Technologies Scripts, translates text (text-to-speech) and transfers/routes IVR calls to specific telephone numbers or agents.

The GLx Mobile Technologies Platform is a proven IVR platform that delivers the reliability and flexibility for the most demanding IVR applications. Unlike traditional, proprietary IVR platforms, the GLx Mobile Technologies Studio is based entirely on open web and IP standards.

GLx Mobile Technologies IVR Scripts
Dial2Contact Scripts are used to navigate a caller through an IVR application based on their input. This may include delivering information through pre-recorded prompts, soliciting information or input using voice or touch-tones, etc. Dial2Contact scripts can easily access backend data or applications to retrieve records and provide callers with information or update the record with new information.

Dial2Contact Studio allows you to easily create scripts with plain-language tools. A script typically involves a series of “pages” that include predefined actions, for example:

“Play a sound”
“Transfer the call”
“On 3 pressed” or “On hang up”
“On 5 pressed check SQL Database”
A built in debugger lets you test your scripts before putting them into production.

GLx Mobile Technologies Scripts can be developed quickly and easily. Unlike most proprietary IVR platforms, the GLx Mobile Technologies uses standard XML-based tools to deliver rich, sophisticated IVR applications faster than anyone on the market.

We include a library of sample Dial2Contact Scripts to help jump start your project. In addition, Dialtone Technologies partners offer a broad range of pre-built and custom GLx Mobile Technologies solutions.

Increasingly, organizations want to integrate callers with backend data sources. These sources include databases, mainframes, backend applications such as CRM/ERP/SFA systems and third-party information services and solutions via web services.

IVRs made SIMPLE!!!!
Dial2Contact Studio revolutionizes how companies build sophisticated telephone-based solutions. Historically, these systems were too complex and expensive for most organizations. Not any more!

Dial2Contact Studio delivers powerful IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and auto-dialer solutions that are reliable, easy to build/deploy/manage, scalable and affordable. Dial2Contact is committed to enabling organizations to offer world-class 24/7 customer service with telephone-based customer self service applications that:

Are always “on”
Automate manual low-value activities
Improve customer service
Create new revenue streams
Merge telephony with back-end data in real-time - all without any additional programs!
Dial2Contact's pre-built library of IVR applications will get you up and running quickly, allowing you to be in production in a matter of hours not weeks or months.

Need to build custom IVR? No problem! Unlike other IVR solutions, Dial2Contact doesn't require extensive programming expertise or deep knowledge of telephony.

What is an IVR?
IVR stands for “Interactive Voice Response”. IVRs enable interaction with telephone callers, allowing organizations to automate common tasks like checking account status, getting updates on order information or paying a balance using a credit card. IVRs have been used by larger organizations because it allows them to improve customer service and reduce the cost of sales, service, and support. Traditionally, the cost of building and deploying IVR technology has put them out of reach of smaller organizations.

Today’s IVR solutions move beyond simply routing callers to the right department using pre-recorded prompts. Today’s IVR solutions are integrated with databases, back end applications and web services to enable users to enter and retrieve information in real-time.

IVR solutions are increasingly used to place outbound calls to deliver or gather information for upcoming appointments, past due bills, and other time critical events and activities.

Uses for IVRs include:
Account administration: account balance, status
Appointment scheduling
Appointment reminder calls
Credit card processing
Order status
Product information
Pricing information and inventory availability
Show times
Employee benefits enrollment
Telephone surveys
Help desk verification and assistance
Message distribution
24x7 FAQ customer service
Time-card entry and management
Work scheduling and task management
Rain out Hotline
Team Notification
The Dial2Contact Server is the actual hardware that the Dial2Contact Studio runs on. Dial2Contact Studio is certified to run on all recent versions of Windows. Your specific server requirements will largely be a function of the number of concurrent calls you expect to manage. The following table provides some general guidelines:

Hardware/Bandwidth Recommendations
Concurrent Calls <20 50 100 100+

CPU Pentium 4 Dual Proc Dual Core Dual Core

Memory 1gb 1gb 2gb 3gb

Bandwidth (kbps) 1.5 4.0 8.0 8.0+

IP Telephony / VoIP Specifications
SIP gateways (AudioCodes, Quintum, Dialogic)
IP support (RFC 3261)
STUN support (RFC 3489)
In-Band DTMF Recognition
Out-Of-Band DTMF Recognition (RFC 2833 and SIP INFO)
Supported Audio Codecs
G.729 (Coming)
Supports any Microsoft SAPI 5.1 compatible text-to-speech engine.